Our Board

Rachel Farrant, Chair

Rachel has a proven track record of success as a director on a number of boards and committees, as well as in her role as Business Advisory Services Partner at BDO Wellington Limited. This role involves the management of client interests from a range of sectors such as government, not-for-profit, and commercial property. She is a member of the Institute of Directors and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. Rachel’s excellent interpersonal skills give her the ability to effectively communicate and interact with a diverse range of people, which in combination with her strong leadership skills, make her a perfect fit for the TPG Board.

Andrew Bonner, Independent Director

Andrew brings to TPG the benefit of his many years of experience working as an executive, owner, and director across a diverse range of businesses and industries.  Andrew’s passion for people, client care and clear leadership aligns strongly with TPG’s values and culture.

Rebecca MacKenzie, Executive Director

Rebecca, the Regional Business Manager for the Central region, has over 18 years’ experience in the property industry. Rebecca plays a key role in developing business across the region, including key water related projects and Local Government around the country.

Kris Connell, Executive Director

Kris has been an executive director on TPG’s board since 2020. He is the General Manager of TPG’s Wellington region.

Kris provides a client-focused and practical approach to governance. His interest areas include client relationship and business development as well as TPG governance matters. An emphasis on a partnership approach means Kris brings a high level of expertise and problem-solving abilities to bring about solutions.

Andrew MacLeod, Executive Director

Andrew is an Executive Director who joined TPG in 2013 with a background in RMA planning and public policy. From that time he led the development of RMA Planning as a service line at TPG, now numbering over 30 staff and providing services from right across our office network.

He continues to oversee RMA Planning at TPG as well as urban regeneration and initiatives to expand TPG’s service offering. Andrew is passionate about TPG and its people and ensuring it continues to deliver for its clients.