When it comes to energy projects involving transmission, irrigation, distribution and generation, there’s a lot of groundwork required before the project can even begin.

Our team can help you cover that groundwork. We can research, assess and advise on the best sites and routes and investigate and advise on existing assets and rights. We can then secure property rights and consents, working with landowners to resolve temporary disturbance claims during construction, and arrange survey and legalisation.

Having worked on this country’s major energy projects, we have an experienced team with valuable property intelligence to benefit you and your project delivery.

Due Diligence

Our property due diligence will establish a land asset schedule of the assets with property, planning and legal assessments identifying issues and providing solutions measured against risk. Our TPG Mapping team can prepare GIS/cadastral maps providing a clear visual stock take of assets and infrastructure and land parcels.

Route and Site Selection

We assess all infrastructure route and site options thoroughly. Our mapping team can source data to identify areas of opportunity and constraints. We are can provide compensation and consenting cost estimates and project timelines right from the project development stage through to acquisition, construction (temporary disturbance) and post construction (final temporary disturbance claims, survey and legalisation).

Property Strategy

We can compile a report with a purpose-fit strategy for acquisition of all property rights and disposals. Within this report we advise and recommend on the best methods, project timelines, budgets, communication strategy and land disposal options.

Land acquisition and disposal

Our consultants work on land acquisitions and disposals every day. We draw from our working knowledge of a wide range of property transactions to provide effective solutions, on time and within budget.

Property Negotiations

We can undertake negotiations with affected landowners on your behalf or work as an integral member of your negotiation team. Our specialist consultants are experienced in working through complex issues.

Stakeholder and Community Engagement

We aim to achieve satisfactory outcomes for all stakeholders. Our robust processes ensure negotiations run smoothly and issues are dealt with swiftly and effectively.


We understand that land acquisition and initial access for exploration in this industry can be a sensitive matter. Our strategic site selection, negotiation and procurement process can enable the client to remain anonymous before information is proposed for release into the public arena.  


We provide strategic advice and negotiation that relates to securing initial investigation sites and access, property due diligence, stakeholder engagement framework and communication, affected landowner database, negotiation of land and property rights required. We work alongside our client as part of their team, whether it is a new design and build or understanding an existing asset and infrastructure system.

Existing Works - Upgrade, Maintenance and Repair

We provide advice, assessments, strategy and process for assessing repair, maintenance and upgrade work under the Electricity Act 1992 and the Gas Act 1992.  Our knowledge of law, property and process enables us to present and assess information to support decisions by clients on whether to proceed with entry notices or determine alternative solutions, such as easements.


There may be times when you require property expertise but wish to keep it in-house to work closely with your team. We offer secondment services with the flexibility of working in with your project needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is TPG’s energy team?

We’re proud to have a team of energy experts located in throughout our regional offices across New Zealand. Wherever your project may be, our resources and technology allow us to provide a cost-effective service that satisfies your requirements, drawing on both local knowledge and experience and national expertise.

Why choose TPG to carry out energy projects?

When it comes to energy projects involving transmission, irrigation, distribution, and generation, we can research, assess, and advise on the best sites and routes and investigate and advise on existing assets and rights. We can secure property rights and consents, work with landowners to resolve temporary disturbance claims during construction and arrange survey and legalisation.

What energy services does TPG offer?

  • Due Diligence
  • Route and Site Selection
  • Property Strategy
  • Acquisition and Disposal of Land and Property
  • Property Negotiations
  • Stakeholder and Community Engagement
  • Oil & Gas
  • Irrigation
  • Existing Works – Upgrade, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Secondments

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