RMA Planning

TPG's competitive edge is the ability to provide integrated property and planning advice. Our planning consultants provide national perspective and hands-on experience across the planning spectrum, including strategic planning advice, policy development, district plans, notices of requirement, and resource consents.

The team provides these core services from 11 of TPG’s offices nationwide, including Whangārei, Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua, New Plymouth, Napier, Palmerston North, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, and Queenstown.  


Our planning consultants are experienced Resource Management Act (RMA) practitioners with a proven track record of providing incisive advice to a wide range of clients in local government, the private sector, central government, Iwi, and the third sector.

We have a large network of professionals from related disciplines that we can draw on every step of the way, ensuring you have consistent advice and a smooth project delivery. We will work closely with you to fully understand your goals, challenges, and issues so that we can create a purpose-fit solution.


Our planning consultants provide a full range of RMA planning based services, including the following:

  • Processing resource consent applications for local authorities
  • Preparation of resource consent applications for land use and subdivision projects
  • RMA due diligence and feasibility advice to assist clients in understanding whether to proceed with projects and how
  • Preparation of district plan changes for local authorities and private plan change requests for private clients
  • Independent commissioner services for local authorities
  • Preparing submissions for clients on notified resource consents, plan changes and designations
  • Preparing expert planning evidence for Council hearings, the Environment Court and High Court
  • Mediation of planning issues under dispute.

We are also experts with Special Housing Areas under the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act, having obtained consents for private clients and processed Special Housing Area applications for local authorities.


Working closely with our RMA planning team is our Urban Regeneration and Urban Planning team. This team  delivers strategic planning, design and policy advice through to the delivery of catalyst development projects, ensuring that conceptual ideas are feasible and able to be readily implemented.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is TPG’s RMA planning team?

Our RMA planning experts are located throughout our regional offices across the country. Our innovative technology and resources allow us to offer a cost-effective service that draws upon both local experience and knowledge, and wider expertise from across the country.

What RMA planning services does TPG offer?

  • Resource Consent Application and Processing
  • RMA Due Diligence and Feasibility Advice
  • Preparation of District and Private Plan Changes
  • Independent Commissioner Services
  • Preparing Submissions
  • Preparing Expert Planning Evidence
  • Mediation of Disputed Planning Issues
  • Masterplanning services
  • Urban Design Assessments

Why choose TPG for RMA planning services?

TPG’s competitive advantage is our ability to offer integrated property and planning advice. Our planning team consists of experienced Resource Management Act (RMA) practitioners who provide both local and national perspectives and hands-on experience across the planning spectrum. This includes strategic planning advice, policy development, district plans, notices of requirement, and resource consents.

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