RMA Planning

The TPG Planning team is experienced in a full range of planning processes under the RMA as well as related urban planning and policy work:

  • Preparing district plan changes and notices of requirement for local authorities and requiring authorities
  • Preparing submissions on district plans, resource consents and notices of requirement
  • Preparing resource consent applications to local authorities
  • Processing resource consents for local authorities
  • Planning / resource consent due diligence advice to clients considering the feasibility of their project or development
  • Preparing expert planning evidence for Council and Environment Court hearings
  • Independent commissioner work for local authorities
  • Mediation and negotiation of planning matters under dispute
  • Urban planning and development advice
  • Independent reviews of local authority RMA functions

We have a large network of professionals from related disciplines that we can draw on so that every step of the way you have consistent advice and a smooth project delivery. We will work closely with you to fully understand your goals, challenges and issues so that we can come up with a purpose-fit solution.

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