Statutory Services

TPG is the largest provider of infrastructure property consulting services. We’re also the only infrastructure property consulting firm with our own in-house legal team dedicated to supporting our property consultants.

This allows us to offer you a unique service – the seamless provision of high quality property advice that is subject to legal review, from the one source.

Public Land and Crown Legislation

Our team has extensive experience and expertise in Crown Land, Public Works Act 1981 (PWA), Maori Land, Treaty Settlements and Land Tenure issues. We bring a deep understanding of the unique demands and challenges involved in dealing with statutory powers and rights associated with public land and infrastructure projects.

In-house Legal Services

Our team of Corporate Counsel and Legal Executives are on hand at all times to assist our property consultants with the myriad of legal complexities associated with public works and infrastructure property matters. Advice includes negotiation strategies, advice on legal issues, and a legal peer review process on work undertaken.

Overseas Investment Applications (OIA)

OIAs can present complex challenges when it comes to properties where “Sensitive Land” is involved. We can provide the specialist technical land and statutory advice that it takes overseas buyers and their lawyers to complete OIAs. We specialise in land status and the identification of Sensitive Land and can streamline the process for you.

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