GIS Solutions

TPG's GIS team deliver geospatial consultancy services to a wide range of clients involved in transport and infrastructure, asset management, land management and planning. We use complex computer driven analysis with the latest GIS software, factoring in population growth, terrain analysis, asset management and infrastructure development to consider all variables and ensure that sound advice is provided before a major investment takes place.

Our GIS platform allows us to visualise, question, analyse, and interpret geographical data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends. Using GIS to support decision making can shed light on matters that are not so obvious at initial stages of development. This information can then be provided to you in a clear and user friendly format.

Our GIS platform has been built to provide not only geospatial property solutions and advisory capability but also the ability to provide a property intelligence database solution to house portfolio management information.

Data Driven Insights

Insights to live data can improve cross organisation collaboration, foresight (rather than just hindsight), and the agility to make better and more informed property decisions throughout the
life of any project.

Project Management

From the initial planning and design stages through to managing the project, GIS can play a role to integrate information from various stakeholders. GIS Web Applications are created to provide easy and seamless collaboration between all parties, which helps to extract valuable information to support the workflow process and management of a project.

Project Tracking & Monitoring

Real-time data dashboards provide insights at both high level and detailed individual project tracking, ensuring anyone with access to the GIS Web application can quickly gather status or statistical information regarding any or project.

GIS Technology with Urban Planning

ArcGIS City Engine and ArcGIS Urban - With the introduction of the ESRI GIS technology progressed to a whole new level. These advances enable us to better understand complex relationships, patterns and associations within the diverse sources of data available to us. This developing technology provides an exciting future where GIS can be utilised to aid in delivering innovative and high-quality solutions for our clients. Furthermore, ESRI have partnered with Autodesk to allow the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) within 3D GIS applications to produce dynamic and detailed visualisations for Urban Planning and development projects.

Portfolio Information Management

By combining our extensive geospatial and property knowledge we have developed tailored geodatabases for our clients which accurately capture their asset information. This enables our clients to more effectively manage their property interests and plan for future projects delivery. The solution includes the management of lease documents and files, the tracking of leasing status and dates, and a notification system to facilitate the process.

Property Advisory Services and Procurement

We have the ability to solve challenges and create innovative solutions using our broad range of services and skills and working alongside our clients to create GIS solutions that are fit for purpose.

Key contact

Sam Cottier

Head of Commercial