Big projects involving infrastructure and other large scale development often come with equally large property requirements. That’s where TPG comes in.

TPG has the largest team of LINZ accredited suppliers. Our experienced consultants can assist with your project from its inception (preliminary property advice, budgeting), planning (strategy work, site selection and general advice) right through to its implementation (property acquisition and legalisation).

All projects are managed to meet out ISO9001:2008 quality assurance system and proven projects management methodologies.

Acquisition and disposal of land and property

Our team of specialist consultants work on the acquisition and disposal of property every day and know the processes and laws thoroughly.

Compensation Valuations

TPG’s consultants (including registered valuers) specialise in compensation assessments for infrastructure projects and developments. Through peer review we ensure our assessments are accurate. These decisions are backed by robust information and experience on similar projects. If there are any disputes we can also provide mediation services.

Property Strategy and Due Diligence reports

We can compile reports based on your specific requirements to deal with all property aspects throughout the project lifecycle. Such advice includes methodology, project timelines, risk analysis, budgets, site analysis communication strategy and land acquisition/management/disposal options.

Property Negotiations

Our LINZ accredited suppliers can undertake negotiations with affected landowners on behalf of you and or/ the Crown. With experience working on New Zealand’s major infrastructure projects, our consultants know how to work through any issues that may arise.

Stakeholder and Community Engagement

We aim to achieve satisfactory outcomes for all stakeholders. Our robust processes ensure negotiations run smoothly and any issues are dealt with swiftly and effectively.

Route and Site Selection

When it comes to choosing your infrastructure route or development site we can assess all options thoroughly and come up with the most suitable option. We take all aspects into account: project timeframes, encumbrances and any complexities related to a particular site. We can also call on TPG Planning for Resource Management Act (RMA) Planning and environmental advice; and TPG Mapping and Statutory Services teams to assist and peer-review as needed.


There may be times when you require temporary property expertise but wish to keep it in-house to work closely with your existing team. We offer secondment services with the flexibility of working in with your project needs. 

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