Local Government Advisory

TPG has been providing strategic property advice to local government agencies throughout New Zealand since 1999. Our local government team is spread across 13 offices nationwide, which allows us to offer the benefits of established local networks and knowledge, while delivering cost-effective projects drawing on our national expertise.

Our team’s  extensive public sector experience means we can help to successfully achieve your property goals. We have established strong relationships through our commitment to providing expert advice and adding value - this is the reason our clients continue to engage our services. Our in-depth understanding of public land matters and scope of services allow you to out-source your entire project when resources are tight. We can assist on different levels of the project where particular expertise or extra help is needed. We provide a full range of strategic property advice based services, including:

Strategic advice

We can provide strategic advice on projects with multiple options, multi criteria assessments and option analysis.

Acquisition and disposal

Our team of specialist consultants work on the acquisition and disposal of property every day.

Transport and infrastructure assets

Our team can assist from project inception (preliminary property advice, budgeting), planning (strategy work, site selection and general advice) right through to implementation (property acquisition and legalisation). We can support roading, rail, port, airport and public recreation/access projects through strategic property advice and negotiation expertise.

3 Waters infrastructure

Local government is investing heavily in improving the safety, resilience, capacity and flexibility of 3 water infrastructure. Our integrated property and planning services enable us to deliver a seamless outcome that supports and enables construction of these important projects. Our team is experienced in the delivery of water storage projects.

Flood management and drainage schemes

We can support any new asset project, upgrade an existing project, and trouble shoot any access issues or proposed secondary uses.

Stakeholder engagement and consultation

We understand that projects often involve many people with different needs. We will create a robust strategy with solid frameworks to ensure your project runs smoothly and with excellent communication.

Portfolio assessments and review

We can review and assess your property portfolio and present options and recommendations for optimising your assets. We can provide property risk audits and property portfolio reviews, including establishing ownership, status and identifying potential opportunities or risks. This includes redeveloping, upgrading, acquiring or disposing of property. We can assist with consenting and planning information and processes. This includes confirming status of reserve land, confirming ownership of property inherited by predecessor organisations and assess risk across a portfolio.

Road stopping

Our local government team has extensive experience with the unique demands and challenges involved in working with statutory powers and rights associated with public land and infrastructure projects.

Land, biodiversity and waterways

We have assisted local government clients to secure biodiversity corridors, land and access for land management and soil erosion outcomes, riparian access and management and rights to water bodies for assets designed to improve lake ecology.  

We have worked with clients across regional park networks to improve access, consider additional land and changing land uses and support the successful delivery of cycle trail networks around New Zealand.

Climate change resilience

We can assist with reviewing the impact and risk on land and assets under a range of climate change prediction models, and identify property and land-based solutions to support and achieve resilient communities.

Public land and crown legislation

Our local government team has extensive experience with the unique demands and challenges involved in working with statutory powers and rights associated with public land and infrastructure projects.

Housing and community facilities

We can support your community facilities strategic plan and decisions through the provision of option identification, review, financial feasibility, analysis and consider potential ownership options. Increasing demand for affordable and social housing requires smart, innovative solutions, which TPG has the relationships and expertise to provide. We can provide advice and support the process for review of your existing housing facilities.

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