Ruth Allen

Principal Advisor – Urban Regeneration

Ruth is TPG's Principal Advisor Urban Regeneration, based in our Wellington office.

Joining TPG in 2019, Ruth has more than 15 years’ experience in the fields of urban planning and policy review. She has worked on a wide range of projects in both Australia and New Zealand for the government and private sectors including the preparation and co-ordination of urban planning policies and major strategic planning studies, particularly in relation to housing and planning for growth.

Prior to joining TPG, Ruth worked with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment in various roles including most recently as a team leader managing the planning for urban renewal precincts and upgrades to Government housing estates.

Urban Renewal Policy
Ruth has played a key role in the preparation and review of policy establishing and governing growth precincts in NSW. This included preparation of the NSW Urban Activation Guideline in 2012 (now referred to as Planned Precincts), which set the framework for the selection and assessment of urban renewal areas in NSW. Ruth has since undertaken regular reviews of this guideline to align with policy changes.

State Housing Renewal
In 2017 Ruth managed a team responsible for the planning and assessment of upgrades to NSW Government housing estates (such as the Riverwood and Tellopea Housing Estates). This involved working in collaboration with both the NSW Department of Planning and Environment and the NSW Land and Housing Corporation, local authorities, tenants and other key stakeholders to plan for increasing the overall number of houses, both state and private, whilst improving the overall quality, safety and accessibility of the estates.

Urban Growth Projects
Since 2004 Ruth has worked on the preparation of plans, polices and assessments of the renewal of identified urban areas/growth precincts in NSW and New Zealand. This has included preparation of concept plans and major planning studies to support the rezoning of large government owned sites such as the North Ryde Precinct and North Penrith Priority Precinct.