Three Water Infrastructure – Supporting the Successful Delivery of Critical Projects

    At TPG we are working with our Local Government clients around the country supporting the successful planning, investment, and delivery of critical Three Waters infrastructure projects in a challenging environment.

    Rebecca Mackenzie, TPG’s local government lead, says “Having been a part of the successful delivery of a large number of critical drinking water projects around the country, including securing new water sources, land for storage, treatment facilities and statutory and registered interests in land for the conveyance of water; wastewater upgrades are now a key focus for our Local Government clients..

    With many systems changing to land based discharge, these require a site specific approach with a tailored solution to property matters that are not limited to the proposed site of discharge.  Consideration needs to be given to the monitoring of the wider receiving environment with ongoing management of the buffer zone and any ongoing mitigation requirements. This is where our nationwide team, with experience in providing strategic property advice on projects of this nature, provide real benefits to our Local Government clients”.

    With the progress of the Government’s three water reforms programme, including the proposed geographical boundaries to the four new water entities and the $2.5b funding package designed to ease the transition to regional consolidation, many of our Local Government clients are now reviewing their water related assets and property in readiness for the transition.  

    Given the diverse nature of Local Government property portfolios, which often have sites which support multiple uses such as local reserves, our Local Government clients are taking the opportunity to have TPG review their property assets to check that they are correctly held.  In many cases our review has identified benefits in separating these assets out from a wider property with multiple uses. Our expertise allows for advice to be provided on the most efficient pathway to address any change, or update, required to ownership (predecessor organisation), purpose or classification, and then implement these actions for the client.

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    Rebecca Mackenzie

    Regional Business Manager - Central North Island

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