The Central Energy Trust Arena Redevelopment

Client: Palmerston North City Council

    The Central Energy Trust Arena services New Zealand’s largest regional population and has the greatest usage days per year, attracting the largest number of paying patrons.

    While some of the Arena’s facilities were operating well, others needed improvement. Palmerston North City Council (PNCC) engaged TPG to provide strategic planning advice and seek all resource consents associated with the $26 million upgrade of the Arena.

    This involved:

    • Constructing a new public entrance plaza to the Arena

    • Constructing a pedestrian overbridge to enhance the Arena’s entrance experience

    • The relocation and extension of the speedway pits

    • Constructing a new embankment for additional seating and improved public facilities

    • Constructing a new artificial turf

    • The establishment of new multi-purpose spaces and surfaces to provide for a variety of recreational activities all year round.

    This project had to deliver on high quality, urban design outcomes and reimagine the Arena’s original Masterplan. Alongside this there were the important factors of celebrating the Arena’s heritage, being cognisant of the potential noise and traffic impacts on surrounding residential areas from speedway activities, and managing the public safety and operational requirements for the client.

    Key contact

    Ryan O'Leary

    Planning Manager - Central

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