Safeguarding our water

Client: Hastings District Council

    As part of the Hastings District Council’s (HDC) Water Strategy, $47.5M has been committed through the Long Term Plan to enhance drinking water safety. Drinking water safety, quality and security remains HDC’s number one priority. 

    TPG has been engaged to assist in supporting the successful delivery of these projects through securing additional land, rights for new infrastructure and access to support the upgrade of existing and construction of new water treatment facilities in small communities around the district.

    TPG’s approach to supporting HDC includes:

    • Strategic acquisition advice and due diligence, including option analysis and assessment

    • Negotiation for acquisition of a variety of land interest required and legalisation

    • Advice and support to key Council decisions

    • Engagement with landowners, local residents and ongoing project communication and updates.

    The upgrades involve both important small urban and small community supplies, and include provision for additional storage and treatment. 

    Key contact

    Rebecca Mackenzie

    Regional Business Manager - Central North Island

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