Rongotea Private Plan Change, Manawatū

Client: Te Kapiti Trust Ltd

    Rongotea Private Plan Change | Case Study | TPG NZ

    Landowners Te Kapiti Trust Ltd engaged TPG to prepare a private plan change request to rezone 20ha of Rural Zone land in Rongotea to Residential (Village) Zone. In addition to providing 140-160 new houses, future development would restore a natural wetland and enhance the public space offering for Rongotea village.

    The plan change is a good representation of how TPG’s Planning, Property, GIS and Urban Regeneration service offerings can contribute to planning decisions under the National Policy Statement for Highly Productive Land (NPS-HPL) and National Policy Statement for Urban Development (NPS-UD). Manawatū District Councils' (Council) decision to approve the plan change was notified on 27 July.

    Services provided by TPG:

    • TPG’s Planners prepared and project managed the plan change application, including coordinating technical input, facilitating community and iwi consultation, a comprehensive s32 (cost benefit) analysis, and presenting expert evidence at the Manawatū District Council (Council) hearing.

    • The Urban Regeneration and GIS Teams prepared a Housing Capacity and Growth Assessment that demonstrated rezoning of highly productive land was required to enable the Council to meet their future housing needs.

    • Development of a Structure Plan and Urban Design Framework that is designed to successfully integrate the extended residential area back into the existing village and maximise the recreational, cultural and ecological benefits of future development.

    The map below indicates the proposed structure plan for the area subject to the plan change request.

    Rongotea Private Plan Change map | Case Study | TPG NZ

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