Review of older persons housing, Kāpiti

Client: Kāpiti Coast District Council

    Review of older persons housing, Kāpiti | Case Study | TPG NZ

    TPG has been engaged by Kāpiti Coast District Council (KCDC) to undertake the first review of Council’s older persons housing portfolio since 1993.

    Council understands the growing need for affordable housing options within the district and is committed to providing opportunities for older persons to age comfortably and safely within their community. The purpose of the review is to understand if the current provision, and operation of their portfolio, meet the needs of the community into the future and identify opportunities to better support older persons through the delivery of housing as well as explore opportunities to grow the portfolio to meet the needs of the community.

    The review includes consideration of the following:​​​​​​​

    • Council’s role in the provision of older persons housing within the current policy settings and exploring opportunities for the ongoing provision of this service, including partnership opportunities to improve service provision to ensure Council is meeting current and future needs of the community.

    • A stakeholder engagement strategy to ensure that stakeholders are involved in the review process from the beginning and ensuring the review is ground truth by engaging with local government, community housing providers (CHPs), advocacy groups and tenants and getting input around key challenges, issues and opportunities from each of these groups.  

    • A review of the current asset and tenant management processes to ensure they remain appropriate to meet the current and future needs and make recommendations on best practice where required.

    • Review of opportunities to expand and/or diversify the current portfolio through site evaluation. This includes mapping the portfolio on GIS, a planning review, bulk & location, and feasibility study to determine the best development opportunities.

    • Review of future delivery options for the portfolio which includes reviewing benefits, risks and a financial viability assessment of different structures for the portfolio going forward.

     This project involves a nationwide TPG team with consultants involved across Urban Regeneration, Housing & Community, GIS and Planning.

     You can read more about Councils review here.

    Key contact

    Sophie Randell

    Senior Property Consultant

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