Naenae Town Centre rejuvenation

Client: Hutt City Council

    The Naenae Town Centre is set to undergo a period of change and rejuvenation with significant investment planned for the centre, including the rebuilding of the Naenae Pool, and the establishment of a spatial plan that enables an increase in residential development and encourages new community spaces.

    TPG were engaged by Hutt City Council to prepare a Property Strategy as the next step in achieving the revitalisation of the town centre. The objectives were to identify the steps required to implement the Naenae Town Centre Spatial Plan, to define Council’s role, and to plan for and prioritise investment.

    The Property Strategy provides a programme of actions and projects that have been identified to achieve the strategic objectives.

    The actions demonstrate the role Council can plan in bridging the gap between the high-level policy/community vision and the realities of the property market and development sector.   

    The actions also identify how the Council can progress the increase in opportunities for housing development, improve amenity values, procure sites for community use, and increase movement through the town centre to stimulate demand for improvements in the local retail offering.

    Key contact

    Ruth Allen

    Principal Advisor – Urban Regeneration

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