Medium density development, Kāpiti

Client: Kāpiti Coast District Council

    With the National Policy Statement Urban Development (NPS-UD) nearing its first anniversary, its full effect on the strategic planning for urban areas is still to be realised. 

    For Tier 1 Councils, a focus on planning for growth (and density) within the existing urban environment, means there is increased importance on understanding the factors influencing medium density development.  Strategic planning for both ‘up’ and ‘out’ growth will be needed, requiring a balance between enabling traditional greenfield subdivisions alongside infill developments both comprising of a mix of uses, households and a shift towards compact urban form with high amenity.

    To inform its strategic planning for growth, TPG supported Kāpiti Coast District Council to understand the factors affecting the feasibility of medium density development. This included assessing the impact of land costs, physical conditions, planning requirements, construction costs, and how these affect the feasibility of delivering medium density infill development in the District’s town centres and selected greenfield areas.

    The role of the advice is to provide a foundation document for the Kāpiti District’s development strategy and other urban growth initiatives.

    Kāpiti Coast District Council report

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