Responding to increasing housing pressures in the Kapiti Coast

Client: Kāpiti Coast District Council

    TPG was engaged by Kāpiti Coast District Council (KCDC) to complete an assessment identifying key issues to be addressed for housing in the District, and the tasks required to establish a housing programme.

    The assessment provided a benchmark of current housing demand and supply for the District, identified current and future potential gaps to be addressed in the housing sector and the potential role(s) that KCDC could consider advocating for delivery.

    Our approach to supporting KCDC included:

    • Reviewing the applicable national and local housing policies and plans

    • Reviewing demand drivers, including demographic, affordability and growth patterns of the District to inform housing needs

    • Reviewing the existing housing supply within the District

    • Key stakeholder engagement to reaffirm housing demand, supply and market conditions.

    The assessment identified several key issues which formed the basis of the recommendations, including a series of priority areas and actions for KCDC to consider as part of developing a case for establishing its housing programme.

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