Development of Peacocke Growth Cell Hamilton

Client: Hamilton City Council

    Peacocke is a new suburb proposed for the South of Hamilton, which Hamilton City Council (HCC) has incorporated into its 10 year plan.

    Currently, this geographic section of HCC’s city boundary is largely disconnected from the city due to its position across the Waikato River, lack of appropriate connective transport routes and inability to provide wastewater services. This has led to city growth occurring in other directions, with Peacocke remaining relatively undeveloped.

    HCC engaged TPG in August 2018 to undertake the acquisition of the required land for the project and other Peacocke network infrastructure property requirements. Approximately 39 properties are required for the project.

    The project includes building a new bridge over the Waikato River and strategic infrastructure such as new roads and services required to support the development of over 8,000 houses, across a 30 year period. Based on current growth projections there are likely to be around 3,750 homes in the Peacocke development area within the next 10 years. The bridge and first half of the roading infrastructure is looking to be completed by mid-2023.

    GIS application has been developed to interface with HCC, consultant engineers and planners as a project management tool. It allows all stakeholders to access a significant range of project information such as the designation, land requirements, property information, key milestone dates and the latest design data. The key benefit to this tool has been the adaptability of its functions and the way in which we can add or change the way we are presenting the information. This is also used as a management/reporting tool for both HCC and TPG to track acquisitions through to the disposal stage. 

    Key contact

    Jeremy Ball

    General Manager - Waikato / Bay of Plenty

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