Meet TPG's Graduates for 2022

We are delighted to introduce our new graduates who have recently joined The Property Group (TPG) on our expanding Graduate Development Programme.

Joining our teams in Property, Planning and GIS Solutions, our new team members span across our offices from Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton and Napier

Anna Muller

  • Role: Planning Consultant
  • Location: Wellington
  • Joined: August 2021

Anna is due to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Planning from Massey University later this year. Through her role at TPG, Anna is developing her skills and expanding her technical knowledge on a wide range of projects.

"Joining TPG provided me with an opportunity to be part of a team that had a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of experiences, with a nationwide presence, and an organisation that valued their staff.

My team is great – and when I say team, I mean those in the Wellington planning team, the wider Wellington office, the wider planning team nationwide, the leadership team, and the general organisation as a whole. I have met so many people and learned so much from them all.  TPG invests in their staff, from induction and training process, and wellbeing activities - it’s obvious that TPG values their team members.

In terms of a learning experience, nothing beats the variety that I have had in my role. From preparing consents to processing them, and submissions to seminars, I feel like my knowledge has increased incredibly."

Georgia Gibbs

  • Role: Property Consultant
  • Location: Wellington
  • Joined: October 2021

Georgia graduated with a Bachelor of Business from Massey University in 2019, majoring in Accountancy and Valuation Property Management.  Georgia’s role will see her develop skills and expand her knowledge, with a primary focus on acquisition and disposal of land for Waka Kotahi, and local authority work.

"TPG provides a team environment with the opportunity to grow and learn in the property industry.  I love that it’s so easy to be yourself. Everyone is very accepting and welcoming. People love when you ask a question if you are unsure, so there is never a worry about asking questions. There is lots of support from the senior employees, directors, etc for our learning and development.

The office environment is a great place – the wellbeing in the Wellington office is great. I really enjoy coming to work every day."

Kendall Northcott

  • Role: Property Consultant
  • Location: Wellington
  • Joined: January 2022

Kendall completed her Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of Otago, where she found a passion for the property industry. Through her role with TPG, Kendall will be developing her skills and expanding her knowledge in the public sector with a primary focus on land acquisition and disposal work.

"When I joined TPG, I was looking forward to learning more about the property expertise and how to provide excellent service delivery to clients. I am also excited to be part of projects I have previously been familiar with before I started. It will be rewarding as I learn and understand the processes behind it all.

I am really enjoying working in my team as everyone has been super supportive and friendly from the first day. TPG’s pairing systems mean that you are never left without someone to ask for help. Everyone is also very kind and humorous, which makes the environment feel less like work. Our office location has an amazing view of Wellington Harbour, it’s hard to beat!

The TPG Graduate Programme is structured so we know what we will be learning for months ahead before we start. We're also not confined to one area; TPG supports and encourages different expertise to collaborate on various projects."

Amala Warrier

  • Role: Property Consultant
  • Location: Hamilton
  • Joined: January 2022

Amala has recently graduated from The University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Property degree where she has gained introductory knowledge in all facets of the property industry. In her role with TPG, Amala will primarily work on the disposal of Crown land for NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi (NZTA), while gaining a breadth of exposure in all other elements of the business.

"When I joined TPG, I was looking forward to the prospect of being taken under the wing of some of the industry’s most experienced leaders and being exposed to their extensive knowledge and expertise.

 The Hamilton team have been incredibly welcoming and supportive during my first few weeks which has helped me settle into my new role faster than I thought. Each person has gone out of their way to make my learning experience truly memorable.

 I have really enjoyed being a part of the team working on the Waikato Expressway and the onsite visit to conduct a walkthrough of the Huntly section of the Expressway."

Emma May

  • Role: Property Consultant
  • Location: Napier
  • Joined: January 2022

Emma recently completed her Bachelor of Land and Property Management specialising in Rural Valuation and Primary Productions at Lincoln University.  Through her role with TPG, Emma will be supporting our Senior Property Consultants on a wide variety of work to develop her skills and knowledge in the public sector.

"TPG is such an experienced team with a wealth of knowledge and I’m looking forward to applying what I have learned across my four years at university. I am really enjoying the team of people in the Napier office, everyone has been super friendly and happy to answer any question I have and it is nice to be reminded that it may take some time for me understand things. There is no pressure for me to learn everything in the first week.

I have relocated from Christchurch and am loving the change – especially the climate. If you like the warm weather, then Hawkes Bay is the place to be! We are also super lucky with our office located right on Marine Parade. I have been enjoying having my lunch break out in the sunshine near the water."

Victoria Levey

  • Role: Property Consultant
  • Location: Christchurch
  • Joined: January 2022

Victoria completed her Bachelor of Laws degree in Dunedin, where she focused her degree on becoming familiar with the Public Works Act, Resource Management law and Māori Land law. In her role with TPG, Victoria will be developing her skills and expanding her knowledge in the public sector with a primary focus on land acquisition and disposal work. 

"I am really enjoying my team and office location, and being around experienced property consultants in a supportive environment to gain in-depth knowledge on the property industry. I’ve had the opportunity to get out of the office in my first few weeks to attend a landowner meeting, gaining an early insight into the varied type of work TPG has to offer.

The office is also in a great location in Christchurch, making for a thriving business atmosphere and easy coffee runs."

Taine Gibson

  • Role: Property Consultant
  • Location: Christchurch
  • Joined: January 2022

Taine joined TPG after completing his bachelor’s degree in Commerce at Lincoln University.  Through his role at TPG, Taine is developing his skills and expanding his knowledge in the property sector, with a primary focus on acquisition and disposal of land and authority work.

"Starting my professional career at TPG provides me with the opportunity to be mentored by experienced professionals in the industry. Already I’m invited to sit in meetings and get involved in some of the work which I found to be very beneficial for my own development and helps improve my understanding of the work that goes on here at TPG. 

I am really enjoying working in the Christchurch office, it’s a great location right in the city centre. The team here is very friendly and approachable if I ever need help on anything."

Louis Worthington

  • Role: GIS Analyst
  • Location: Wellington
  • Joined: January 2022

Louis graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with a Bachelor of Science (Geography and Information Systems), where throughout his studies he had a particular interest in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and information technology. Working with experienced GIS professionals, Louis uses GIS to extract greater detail of information from datasets and uses that information to help answer questions to a variety of land issues within New Zealand.

"I am looking forward to learning from TPG’s GIS team, to improve my skill set and knowledge in GIS, all the work that TPG does and property itself. I am eager to learn things about property consulting even though it is not my specialty, it will help me become a more well-rounded part of the team and ultimately benefit the GIS work that I do.

I’m really enjoying my team, they have been supportive and encouraging of me thus far and I am already learning a lot from everyone. The office itself is fantastic, and the TPG team has been welcoming of me. I can’t wait to learn more from them and develop great working relationships with each of them.

I am loving the work that I have been doing, I did not expect to get stuck into work straight away. I would much rather get hands-on work experience straight away and learn on the job. I can see how the work that we are doing will benefit a lot of people in the future and I am excited to continue to help people through the work we do at TPG."

Key to this programme has been increasing our on-campus presence through careers fairs, employer presentations and virtual presentations. This enabled us to connect directly with graduates at universities such as The University of Auckland, Massey University and Lincoln University.  Alongside this, we’ve worked successfully with GradNewZealand and NZUni Talent for targeted graduate advertising.

We wish our Graduates all the best as they embark on their careers with TPG, and we look forward to sharing their progress.

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Jessica Mooney

National People and Culture Manager

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