Local Government Advisory

With our team’s extensive public sector experience we can help you achieve your property goals. Our in-depth understanding of public land matters and scope of services allow you to out-source your entire project when resources are tight. We can also come in to assist on different levels of the project where expertise or extra help is needed.

Our team is based in 13 locations around New Zealand. This not only gives you the benefit of established local networks and local knowledge, it ensures we can also deliver cost-effective projects nationwide.

Acquisition and disposal of land and property

Our specialist consultants work on the acquisition and disposals of property every day and know the applicable legislation and processes thoroughly. We can advise and recommend on the best methods of acquisition or disposal, project timelines, budgets, communication strategy and any project management issues that may arise.

Property Strategy and Due Diligence reports

We can compile an investigation report detailing any legal encumbrances, financial constraints, possible physical issues and any potential development options. We can also assist to develop best practice policies on the timing of property acquisitions and criteria to determine whether properties should be held or considered for disposal.

Property Negotiations

Our consultants can undertake negotiations with affected landowners on your behalf. With experience working for over two-thirds of local councils nationwide, our consultants know how to work through any issues that may arise.

Stakeholder and Community Engagement

We aim to achieve satisfactory outcomes and meet the expectations for all stakeholders. Our robust processes ensure negotiations are undertaken professionally and any issues are dealt with swiftly and effectively.

RMA Planning

Our TPG Planning team  work collaboratively with our property consultants to help you come up with re-development options relating to a single site; or advising on strategic urban growth plans within your area. We can undertake studies and compile reports to help create cohesive framework for urban development changes and development initiatives.

Community Housing

We have a Housing and Community team experienced collaborating with both councils and community housing organisations to come up with smart, sustainable and cost-effective housing solutions. These solutions not only benefit the bottom-line, they also provide better property solutions for healthier, happier communities.


There may be times when you require property expertise but wish to keep it in-house to work closely with your team. We offer our clients secondment services with the flexibility of working in with your project needs.