GIS Solutions

TPG's GIS team deliver geospatial consultancy services to a wide range of clients involved in transport and infrastructure, asset management, land management and planning.

What is GIS?

GIS stands for Geographical Information Systems. There are many definitions of GIS but in a nutshell, it is simply a software application that allows us to visualise, question, analyse, and interpret geographical data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends. For example, if you’re looking for a specific site to establish a building, GIS can be used to quickly search viable options according to criteria. Criteria may include size of the location, public facilities, infrastructure, census population, environmental hazards or urban growth. With GIS it is much easier to make sense and advise non-technical personnel of development activities surrounding a property.

Why GIS?

GIS allows you or an audience to discuss strategies in design, planning, progress, raise potential issues involved in a project. It makes it a lot easier for everyone to understand what is going on. GIS sometimes helps to shed light on matters that are not so obvious at initial stages of development.

GIS within TPG

TPG uses GIS technology to consider all possible factors that may influence property development. Using GIS, property managers are able consider the dynamics involved in property development at whole new level. We’re not just putting objects on a map. Using complex computer driven analysis with the latest GIS software, factoring in population growth, terrain analysis, asset management and infrastructure development, we consider all variables to ensure that sound advice is provided before a major investment takes place.


TPG's GIS team offers a wide selection of digital mapping services to assist clients make smart property decisions. Map products include custom maps (cartography), interactive Web Apps, mobile data collection using survey 123 and 3D technology.

Transport and Infrastructure Planning

Develop options for infrastructure projects including road corridors, electricity lines, and access ways using best path analysis. 

Site Selection

We can assist you in identifying optimal locations for your business using geo analytical site selection.

Asset Management

By combining our extensive geospatial and property knowledge we can develop tailored geodatabases for our clients which accurately capture their asset information.  This enables our clients to more effectively manage their property interests.

Terrain Analysis

We have utilised digital terrain models for a wide range of applications including slope and catchment analysis, cross sections, line of sight analysis and 3D visualisation.

GIS Solutions

Our GIS solutions include GIS analysis, spacial analysis, custom mapping and site search.

Data Delivery Options

There are multiple ways we can provide the data back to you; maps will help you extract valuable information from your data for making better property decisions.


Our static cartographic maps can significantly enhance any client project through providing visualisation of all stages of the project, from the initial planning stage to completion. Utilising our cartographic skill, from feature digitisation to high-quality map production, we can bring your project to life.


Our GIS team can also offer you interactive Web Apps powered by ArcGIS Online. This product provides an interactive web display of geographic information delivered straight to your desktop or tablet. We can also provide the data directly back to you into original format i.e. geodatabase, shapefile, and spreadsheet. 

Mobile data collection

TPG’s GIS Mapping also utilises GIS apps developed for smartphones and tablets, giving you the capacity to collect data in the field and view your maps anywhere, anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is TPG’s GIS team?

Our GIS team members are located in Auckland, Hamilton, Napier, and Wellington. Wherever your project may be, we’re proud to have the best resources and technology at our disposal to offer cost-effective services across the country.

How does TPG use GIS?

TPG uses GIS technology to consider all possible factors that may influence property development. Using GIS, property managers can consider the dynamics involved in property services at a whole new level.  Using complex computer-driven analysis with the latest GIS software, factoring in population growth, terrain analysis asset management and infrastructure development, we are able to consider all variables.

What GIS products does TPG offer?

  • Transport and Infrastructure Planning
  • Site Selection
  • Asset Management
  • Terrain Analysis.

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