Development Management

There are countless decisions to make when tackling a property development and we can help you make the right ones. Engaging TPG from the outset can save you time, money and give you a development solution that optimises the potential of your existing property, or we can help you create a new property investment.

We can assist you in managing risks through a no-surprises approach that anticipates and mitigates potential risks. This way you are proactive in your development, rather than reactive. The services we provide can be end to end, or in isolation, and no project is too big or too small.

Development Risk Mitigation Analysis

Given the extraordinary and challenging times, TPG is currently working with our clients to put in place Development Management risk mitigation plans. We are currently providing Development and Project management services, all of which will be impacted by COVID-19 . Given the rapidly changing situation, we are providing a review as it is prudent to take stock and analyse the implications, risks and possible ways to mitigate these. Our analysis presents options for various ways forward, and to the extent that is possible given the fluid situation, makes recommendations on the options which present the least risk pathway. Our plans include contingency planning for consenting, construction and funding issues. They provide options and scenario analysis to identify the best methodology to minimise financial and programme consequences.

Site search and acquisition

We undertake property searches and negotiate the purchase of thousands of properties a year for our clients. This experience positions us well to secure properties off market, using our mapping technology and independent property negotiators. Following a briefing on your search criteria we will seek out those properties presenting the best redevelopment opportunities.

Due diligence

We can provide comprehensive due diligence reports on properties. We are able to identify development potential by utilising TPG Planning and our legal team, together with our relationships with other specialist property professionals. Our report can include development feasibility and highest and best use options.

Feasibility studies

TPG conduct feasibility studies to identify whether there are viable development options for a particular site. This process involves financial modelling, demand and supply analysis, RMA planning and bulk location concepts, which allowing us to identify the most cost effective and appropriate use for a site. Feasibility studies allow the client to quickly establish if there are viable development opportunities for a site, ensuring the potential success of a site before taking the next steps in the development management process.

Strategic Resource Management

Our TPG Planning team can design a roadmap for steering you through potentially difficult and expensive Resource Management Act (RMA) processes for the identified development. This includes resource consent strategy and facilitating and management of building and resource consent processes.

Market research and demand analysis

Our services include scenario and needs analysis, multi-option scenario analysis to determine the best financial outcome for the client’s development site and actual market demand/supply in conjunction with commercial agents.

Project management

TPG can manage the design and delivery of a project, including procurement of design consultants, main contractor, and other specialists. We can manage your project from inception through to project completion. 

Risk Management

Quantifying and managing development risk by testing the sensitivity of key variables such as construction time, sales values and cost of money. Assist with pre-lettings to anchor tenants and other measures to de-risk the project.

Master planning and concept development

Overall management of the design process from concepts, bulk and location drawings through to detailed drawings for RMA process, feeding in financial feasibility and demand analysis on design options.

Project structuring and financing

Modelling of joint venture arrangements to calculate returns to different parties and assist in negotiations of development agreements. Funding and financials – assistance with securing funding options with bank contacts and investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is TPG’s development management team?

With 13 offices and 180 team members nationwide, TPG can provide development management services across New Zealand. We have development management experts located throughout our regional offices. This allows us to offer the benefits of established local connections and knowledge whilst delivering cost-effective services and drawing on our collective expertise.

Why choose TPG for development management services?

Engaging TPG from the outset can save you time and money. We offer development solutions that optimise the potential for your existing property, or we can help create a new property investment. We identify development potential by utilising our planning and legal teams, together with our relationships with other specialist property professionals.

What development management services do TPG offer?

  • Development Risk Mitigation Analysis
  • Site Search and Acquisition
  • Due Diligence
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Strategic Resource Management
  • Market Research and Demand Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Master Planning and Concept Development
  • Project Structuring and Financing

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