Transmission Gully Motorway

Client: New Zealand Transport Agency


The Transmission Gully project is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) project to build a 27-km four-lane (two in each direction) motorway from MacKays Crossing to Linden (through Transmission Gully) complete with interchanges connecting the route to Mackays Crossing, State Highway 58, eastern Porirua and Kenepuru. The project forms part of the Wellington Northern corridor upgrade and was the first roading project to be procured under a PPP model which added another level of complexity to this already challenging project.

The Challenge:

TPG was instructed on behalf of the NZ Transport agency to acquire all remaining property interests required for the project (circa 60 in number) over a very short timeframe in order to meet the PPP contract and proposed construction dates.

Our Solution:

All negotiations were undertaken pursuant to the Public Works Act 1981 and comprised a mix of properties acquired by agreement and compulsory acquisition. TPG was also involved in the tender due diligence team (property work stream) and had property input into the PPP contractual documentation.


Our team of experienced consultants completed the acquisition of all property within the desired timeframe and construction proper of the project is now underway (Spring of 2015).

Team Member: