Three waters infrastructure in New Zealand

The 2016 Havelock North drinking water crisis changed New Zealand’s view of the safety of aquifer-fed supplies and led to our local government clients formulating new drinking water strategies, including significant investment in the upgrade of facilities. This resulted in the government review of the regulation and supply of three waters, most of which are owned and delivered by local government. 

Around the country, local government is investing heavily in improving the safety, resilience, capacity and flexibility of the three water infrastructure, processes, skills and expertise.  The Government has introduced the Taumata Arowai – the Water Services Regulation Bill to Parliament in December and is launching the Taumata Arowai Establishment Unit as the new water services regulator, with Bill Bayfield (Chief Executive, Environment Canterbury) recently appointed as the Establishment Chief Executive. 

TPG is working with a large number of local government clients to upgrade existing and install new water storage, treatment, pump stations, waste water and stormwater networks around the country. We are assisting with the provision of strategic advice and negotiations to acquire land or interests required to support these projects. Our planning team is supporting these projects with consenting and designations of sites.   

Through TPG’s integrated property and planning services, we can deliver a seamless outcome to our clients that supports and enables construction of these important projects.

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