Tailored Geodatabase for Asset Information Management

Client: Trustpower


Leading New Zealand Power Company Trustpower required a quick and cost efficient method to spatially represent their property interests across all of their schemes within New Zealand. Traditionally, Trustpower’s property assets were managed without a spatial component, making the management, tracking and reporting of existing assets very difficult.


Using our unique blend of technical know-how and can-do attitude, TPG's GIS Mapping team designed a geodatabase tailored to contain all of the necessary information Trustpower required to effectively manage their property interests.  Using a combination of python scripting and our advanced property knowledge, we were able to accurately capture all of their current property interests and easements.  This geodatabase was then fed into Trustpower’s Oracle driven relational database.


  • Robust Property information database
  • An accurate spatial representation of Trustpower’s property interests
  • Relevant and up to date property attribute information readily available to the client
  • Allows spatial querying and reporting on assets
  • Efficient delivery of spatial information fed directly into Trustpower’s existing GIS system. 

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