Strategic Accommodation Review for SILC, Tauranga

Client: The SILC Chariable Trust

The Challenge:

The SILC Charitable Trust (SILC) is located in Tauranga. Their current tenancies and configurations are not enabling them to be efficient with their accommodation budget and maximise collaboration within and across their business units. They came to TPG to assist them to resolve this problem.

Our Solution:

We ran workshops with the different business units and teams within SILC and understood their business and aspirational and functional needs. We worked with Architects Chow:Hill and developed an optimal accommodation plan. This included consideration of growth, associated risks, design considerations, maintaining the brand of each of their business units and workplace strategy. We produced their Accommodation Criteria.

When applied, the Accommodation Criteria will provide the optimal workspace for SILC. It is what they will use as their checklist when scoping and considering future accommodation options. This Accommodation Criteria considers organisational growth, open plan and cellular office components, flexibility of space and activities undertaken within their workspace, it considers accessibility, meeting and social space, storage, natural light, seismic ratings and carparking.


SILC are now in a position to consider their future accommodation options with a clear vision – they now know what a tenancy must provide to meet their accommodation requirements.

Their Board can be confident that their accommodation budget will be well invested in providing a workspace that is aligned with their business. This workspace will be an enabler for them to support their people and provide a workspace that is productive, increases staff retention and attracts industry leaders to join their team.

Team Member: