Site Search and Connection

The Challenge:

Our client, a transportation servicing company, needed to find a new site in North Hamilton. The brief was to find a large site with good infrastructure links, within proximity to their own clients.

Our client needed services covering site search and selection, negotiation and acquisition, RMA planning and development management. They undertook a competitive selection process and chose TPG as we were able to deliver on all of theses services.

Our Solution:

We engaged with the business leaders to agree the search criteria and proceeded using our TPG Mapping team to undertake a staged search of appropriate sites.

TPG Mapping used multi-criteria analysis to combine the constraints provided by our client.  The analysis results were then embedded within a geographic overlay and a live map was produced to show the potential facility site locations. This live map could then be used by our property consultants and the client to assist in the decision making process.

Our client agreed on a preferred site as a result of our recommendation and we commenced more detailed due diligence of the site to ascertain a development feasibility.

We appointed a preferred architect to develop a bulk and location plan.  TPG developed the outline specification in line with consultation with the client and thus the quantity surveyor undertook a cost estimate of the development.


  • Information and analysis for our client which enabled them to develop their business case for site acquisition.
  • Suitable industry properties derived based on multiple criteria analysis.
  • Analysis results delivered via live map to TPG Property team and the client.
  • Collaboration with wider TPG team to deliver project results to client.