New road for exploration - securing legal access

The Challenge

Our client (who works within the oil and gas industry), was establishing an exploration site on private land. Access to the site was via a legal road. The formed road deviated from the legal road boundaries. Our client needed to undertake improvements to the existing formed road to provide a safe and practical route for access to the site for heavy machinery and equipment.

Our client needed to understand their rights in relation to access in order to progress a resource consent application for the exploration development and undertake the required improvements to the road.

Our Solution 

We investigated and determined the status of the legal road and established what rights our client had with relation to access. We also provided supporting advice on behalf of the client to the local authority with respect to legal access to enable the local authority to process our client’s resource consent application in a timely manner.


The end product was robust and transparent advice documented to both the client and local authority which supported the resource consent being issued and our client progressing with the required road maintenance works and exploration site development in the knowledge that legal access was secure for the project.   

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