Customised GIS Farm Map for DairyFert

Client: DairyFert
Project Name: Farm Mapping

The Challenge:

DairyFert, a Fonterra owned subsidiary company, required a set of standardised farm maps visualising areas suitable for effluent spreading to aid their consent process with their local regional council.  Areas that were unsuitable for spreading, such as paddocks in close proximity to streams and neighbouring dwellings or on steep terrain needed to be determined and shown on the plans.  DairyFert also required the spatial data to feed back into Smartrak, their GPS tracking system.

Our Solution:

TPG's GIS Mapping team utilised our cartographic skill to digitise necessary farm elements such as paddock boundaries and farm races.  Using the Spatial Analysis tools, we developed a model to efficiently calculate areas unsuitable for spreading.  Areas suitable for spreading were then visualised and fed back to the client in high quality PDF maps. 


  • High standard, easily readable maps of farm sites.
  • Clear and consistent map layouts.
  • Accurate area calculations delivered at a lower cost than contracting surveyors.
  • Easy delivery of spatial data into client’s mapping system.

Team Member: