‘Twas not long after Easter in 2018...

When people ask me what I do these days, and I tell them I’m working at The Property Group as the South Island Planning Manager, I frequently see their eyes glazing over like a succulent Christmas ham.

People seem to think that planning (that’s stuff to do with the Resource Management Act and various other sexy bits of legislation) is about as dry as your Nana’s three week old turkey.

I beg to differ.

To demonstrate, I would like to issue the following advisory notice to any business owner occupying temporary accommodation in Christchurch pursuant to the Temporary Activities provisions of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act. (That’s the rule that was brought in after the quakes that let business work out of zone.) You need to get that sorted by April 30 2018, which means you need to get your resource consent underway in 2017 if you want to keep working out of zone, or you may need to start looking for new premises.

Please now settle back with a tall glass of your favourite festive libation and enjoy

(with apologies to Dr Seuss and Clement Clark Moore)

‘Twas not long after Easter in 2018
And a small business owner was betwixt and between
Dazed and confused, with nowhere to go,
Their post-earthquake squat had expired, doncha know.

Back in the day when chaos had reigned
The rules had relaxed to help business remain
In retail, industrial, any old zone,
But the time was restricted. And that time had gone.

Well not yet, but it will, with a hiss and a roar,
So you’d better get sorted, and I do mean before
Your permit expires in 2018.
Get ahead! Get in front! Get busy! Get keen!

Now’s the time to be planning, to be thinking ahead,
To sort your consent or start shifting instead.
Fear not – we can help you. We’ll get you through,
Call TPG Christchurch. Just ask for Sue.

May your holidays be relaxing, filled with love and laughter, and if you’re looking for a planning consultancy next year which specializes in making hard stuff simple and talks plain people speak, just give us a jingle here at The Property Group.

(Warning – this consultancy has been known to include purveyors of bad puns and Dad jokes from the office party Christmas crackers.)