TPG helps drive Auckland

It’s time to get people moving in Auckland. New Zealand’s largest city is projected to reach two million people by 2033 and by 2043 will account for 40% of New Zealand’s population. So if you think getting to work in the morning is bad now, it could get worse.

However Auckland Transport is responsible for managing this challenge by delivering an integrated transport system of local roads, ferries, rail and light rail.

One such project that has its genesis in the 1920s is the Auckland City Rail Link (CRL) project. The CRL was highlighted as the number one transport project in the 2012 Auckland Spatial Plan. It will close the rail link between Downtown Britomart Station and Mt Eden Station.


The CRL will be built in two 3.4km-long, twin tunnels up to approximately 40 metres below the city centre. It will be constructed using both cut-and-cover and tunnel boring machine (TBM) methods depending on the location of construction.

So the real question of all this is what does The Property Group (TPG) have to do with tunnels and rail? Of the surface acquisitions required for the project, TPG took a lead role in negotiating property acquisitions including heritage, body corporate, redevelopment and existing properties. As a result of Auckland Transports review of the Newton Station, it was decided that this station and surface negotiations be withdrawn.

Auckland Transport has recently awarded TPG a further contract for subterranean strata negotiations to finalise the property component being the tunnel between Mayoral Drive and Mt Eden Station. The next 18 months will be a challenging period and one which the TPG Auckland team are looking forward to, as they do their part in helping Aucklanders move around the city.