The PAUP – unlocking property development opportunities in Auckland

A major planning milestone looms in Auckland with the delivery to Auckland Council of the Independent Hearing Panel’s recommendations on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (‘PAUP’). The recommendations must be delivered by 22 July – just around the corner now. Following receipt of the recommendations, the Council must make its decision within one month.

The recommendations and ultimate decisions are of great significance to Auckland’s economic, social and environmental future. The PAUP is of particular importance in addressing Auckland’s pressing housing issue, as zoned development capacity has lagged housing demand for the last 15 years.

Whilst the recommendation won’t be known until later this month, having been involved in the Working Group on the National Policy Statement on Urban Development I can say ‘hand on heart’ that it will enable much more development potential than the Plan that was publicly notified in late 2013.

It is then over to the Council to make its decision. To say that Central Government has huge interest in the decision is an understatement. If the Council does not make a decision that enables sufficient development capacity, then the Government will intervene urgently in some form, whether via Environment Court appeal, or in a more direct interventionist manner.

In preparation for this monumental decision, The Property Group (TPG) has developed a unique development service in Auckland (which can also be applied in other locations) combining our planning, property advisory and GIS skills. This targeted service, tailored to our clients’ specific development interests, helps to identify development sites of potential interest, and ones that are more likely to be feasible for redevelopment based on a number of filters. Once sites are identified, we can then help you acquire properties, develop a design and assemble a consultant team to secure resource consents.

The PAUP, in whatever form it ultimately takes, will offer great development opportunity. Get on the front foot by getting TPG’s strategic property advice today.