New Start Q+A: Phil Pennycuick

Tell us a bit about your background and what led you to your role at TPG today?

I have lived and worked in Tauranga since I was sent here from Christchurch by the Valuation Department (some may remember) on completing my valuation degree at Lincoln.  I have worked for rating valuation providers and in private practice, where I was mainly involved with commercial, industrial and development properties.  The opportunity to apply my property knowledge outside the valuation arena seemed inviting so here I am with The Property Group as a Property Consultant.


What aspects of your new role are you excited about?

I’m looking forward to getting back in touch with the current market after a spell with rating valuations, which are completed on a “snapshot” basis once every three years.  Learning the systems and skills required to operate around the Public Works Act seems a challenge for the newbie, but with the support and encouragement I have been getting to date I am sure I will soon be able to make a meaningful contribution to the never ending growth going on in this part of the country.


Can you tell us about the most interesting or rewarding project you’ve ever been involved in and why you enjoyed it?

My life as a valuer saw many jobs completed, but few large projects.  Often the most rewarding things were small and simple things.  Things like helping first home buyers avoid costly mistakes, or saving clients’ money through knowledge built up over time is genuinely appreciated by them at times, and it can be very satisfying when that is acknowledged.


You’ve lived in Tauranga your whole working life, what do you love most about living there?

Tauranga has a mild climate with short winters, and being on the coast with an attractive harbour there is plenty of blue and green for the eyes.  It is quite handy having other centres nearby, there are plenty of outdoor activities on offer within an hour or two’s drive. The nearby Kaimai Range provides a great uplifting experience for the hang glider pilots who I plan to re-join now my children are a bit older and more independent.