Learning and Development - a key focus from 2020

Throughout 2020, learning and development (L&D) has remained a central part of our people and culture work programme, and despite the unexpected disruptions and challenges of COVID-19, we maintained our focus on this. Our internal Professional Learning and Development programme provides a range of professional and personal development opportunities that our people can draw from for their career development. It is a great platform to showcase the projects we are working on across TPG, share knowledge across our teams, foster collaboration and continue to build on our ‘One TPG’ philosophy.

Our ‘lunch and learn’ series has been a standout aspect of our L&D programme. These are short and sharp sessions presented by experts within the business on a successful project or topic of interest.  The whole team tunes in live across TPG’s 13 offices to share some kai and learn more about the exciting projects our colleagues are involved in.

We have explored a range of topics, kicking off with a successful project for Waikato Racing Club that focused on delivering a great client experience throughout the project lifecycle. COVID-19 gave us the opportunity to test out our first completely virtual lunch and learn. Led by TPG’s Recovery Planning Team, who spoke on recovery planning post-pandemic at TPG, this was an important way to bring our people together and foster collaboration as we navigated the challenges of working remotely. More recently, we covered the current challenges and opportunities related to water infrastructure for TPG and our local government clients.

The diverse range of services and expertise we have at TPG means we have a lot to share in our L&D programme. Our team have had the opportunity to attend a variety of L&D workshops including sessions on urban regeneration, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), delivering quality consulting, and several client specific presentations. Our bi-yearly induction day in Wellington continues to be received positively by our new starters and, coupled with a comprehensive onboarding process that covers off key areas of the business, we are confident our new people are getting the best possible start with TPG.

We have continued our successful partnership with Barton Ross, with leadership coaching and development sessions that aim to support our succession planning efforts. While COVID-19 delayed the delivery of our Future Leaders Programme in Auckland, the health and wellbeing of our people comes first, and we plan to get this up and running again in 2021.

We look forward to 2021 being another year of successful learning and development for TPG and our people.