KidsCan winter appeal

Winter is an exceptionally hard time for kids living in hardship.

Kiwi kids all over the country are going to school with holes in their shoes, no raincoats and no warm layers. We can’t expect kids to focus in class when their feet are freezing, their uniform is wet and their tummies are growling. If your basic needs aren’t met, your brain can’t learn.

TPG support KidsCan Charitable Trust to provide thousands of Kiwi kids with the basics they need to remove barriers to learning. On average, KidsCan is feeding 31,000 children a week with breakfast, snacks, and hot meals. This year alone they’ve sent out over 37,000 raincoats and 20,000 pairs of solid shoes. 

Read about our CSR and how we support KidsCan here, and learn how you can help out too.