How Crown Owned Land Impacts a Project Programme

Over the last 12 to 18 months we have been working closely with the Ministry of Education on the Christchurch Schools Rebuild Programme project and delivery managers who are providing property advice to assist. We have now been involved in over 80 school sites in the Canterbury Region, bringing to the various projects an understanding of how Crown owned land can impact on the project programmes.

Crown owned land can:

  • be held in various forms of instruments e.g. title, Gazette Notice, etc
  • be held in various forms of ownership
  • have multi forms of registered encumbrances
  • require acquisition history
  • require Crown clearance sign off
  • require a Crown accredited agent to prepare and submit property actions.

When working with Crown owned land these above possibilities should be addressed at the project’s inception and planning phases, and if not, it may lead to significant delays to the overall project programme and can stall the achievement of critical milestones.

When dealing with Crown owned land you should also be wary of the language that is used, for example ‘surplus’. It may be surplus to a project but it may not be surplus to the administrating Crown Agency. Misused language can trigger a chain of events that is embarrassing, difficult and/or costly.

If you are a project manager, planner, architect or work with Crown owned land and have an interest in better understanding what you need to consider when working with Crown owned land on your project, then don’t hesitate to drop me a line.