Helping people transition from homelessness and uncertainty to housing stability

TPG has partnered with central and local government to support community housing redevelopments in New Zealand.

New Zealand is currently faced with both a shortage of houses, and a construction rate that means houses are not being built quickly enough. The result of this is that Kiwis are struggling to obtain appropriate housing for themselves and their families.

TPG is working hard to increase the availability of housing for New Zealanders, providing services such as transitional housing development, feasibility studies and housing needs assessments.

Some of TPG’s latest projects include a development feasibility study and preliminary Housing Needs Assessment for Te Puea Memorial Marae’s redevelopment in Auckland.

According to TPG Senior Property Consultant – Development Management, Clinton Fisher, such projects allow local and central governments to understand housing needs now and into the future.

“The housing needs assessment for the redevelopment of the Te Puea Memorial Marae enabled us to identify the current and future housing needs within the South Auckland region, and informed the number and typologies for public housing on the Marae.”

TPG will also be engaging with community stakeholders, investigating potential partnership development opportunities, and improving emergency and transitional housing availability along with the quality of existing public housing.