Goldie Locks

My husband and I have been in search of the perfect spot in the world to live and it has been a bit of a Goldie Locks the three bears story.

Originally from Quebec, Canada, where the weather was just too cold, we moved to California where we found the weather was too hot, so we relocated again to New Zealand where the weather is just perfect.

As Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialists we were both quickly employed in Wellington, a place you really do not live for the weather but I have been promised summer is normally much better.

Being “GIS Geeks” and myself a Property GIS Geek it was a no brainer to use our skills to create a map that would help us find the perfect spot to live. First of all, we had to determine what is it that we want to know before we choose where to live in Wellington?

Click to View: OUR STORY MAP to know more about our mapping process and our final decision on the best places to live in Wellington.