Finalists at the Property Council Awards Wellington

Congratulations to The Property Group Limited (TPG) and the New Zealand Transport Agency (The Transport Agency) who are finalists in the Property Council NZ: Wellington Property People Awards 2016.

The organisations were jointly nominated in the category of “Best Team for Wellington Project” for their work on the Acquisition Phase of Transmission Gully.

Transmission Gully is the largest and arguably the most controversial roading project in Wellington’s history and to add to its complexities it is funded and will be constructed as a Public Private Partnership (PPP), raising the emphasis for success and putting property skills and the industry on display.

Ensuring one of New Zealand’s largest infrastructure projects would proceed through to its first stage required the identification, negotiation and subsequent acquisition of sixty privately owned parcels of land within a strict eighteen month window.

This was a significant undertaking and crucial to the various interrelated stages in the broader schedule that, if delayed, would expose the project to significant financial risk. TPG and the Transport Agency took on responsibility to, after over ninety years of debate, ensure that the $850 million dollar road did not stumble at the starting block.

From the outset property acquisition was considered to be in the top three risks associated with delivering Transmission Gully. The nature, scale and complexity of each acquisition meant that TPG and the Transport Agency needed to work closely and with a deep trust in one another’s capability. A policy of no ambiguity and a clear alignment during each stage of each acquisition was adopted and became a key part of delivering to the expectations of the high profile project.

By ensuring priorities were clear from the outset and revisited during key steps in executing the project, the TPG and Transport Agency team delivered the property acquisition strategy with a high level of accuracy and innovation. This ultimately led to the initial property phase meeting and exceeding its original objectives.

The below link is a map of the area showing where the new 27 km Transmission Gully Motorway is being built.

Red: Motorway
Orange: Borders of each pocket of land acquired for the road

Feel free to zoom in and out, plus click on the numbered red boxes to view the photos.

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