Embracing GIS in a Property Business

Most people think of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) simply as Google Maps or the navigation system for their car, but a GIS platform can do a lot more than get you from point A to point B.

TPG recently began an initiative to change the way we look at property to better understand client needs, provide more informative products, and to enhance our own operations. At TPG we know people make projects, and when we started aligning GIS with our corporate strategic goals we knew we were on the way to empowering our people to make better property decisions, and enable our consultants to work smarter.

The story started with our Transportation Principal Advisor 10 years ago, who identified an opportunity to help our clients understand how property and landowners were affected by linear roading projects through a paper map – as the saying goes ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. TPG then made the decision to invest in GIS software to assist with the initiative to create paper maps to support our property consultancy services on an ad hoc basis.

As TPG’s property consultancy services grew over the years so did our need to undertake property assessments with a spatial dimension to create well-designed property feasibility strategies. TPG saw the potential for GIS solutions to support the growth of TPG’s property consultancy services, other than producing paper maps.

Embracing GIS within the organisation had its challenges. Firstly our GIS team needed to further develop its own understanding of GIS, learn more about its capabilities, and build GIS awareness within the organisation.

The next hurdle included changing the perception internally about what GIS could do, and understand the common and fundamental geospatial problems in property assessments. Examples are: Where is the property located? Are there any hazards that affect the property? Is the property close to amenities such as transport routes? Where will the new project be located and who will be affected? The answers are not hard to find through smart analysis – GIS is all about asking the right questions.

By embracing GIS and its capabilities we can further support clients to make sound business and project decisions, and add value to our property services. It allows TPG to deliver geospatial consultancy services to a wide range of clients involved in transport and infrastructure, asset management and land development.

Our mapping team integrates GIS with property information so that TPG can tailor a solution for you and offer additional services such as data management, web mapping, research and analysis, or one-off cartographic creations.