Celebrating Roads

Heading to work, like any other day, the morning traffic report blares on the radio advising the Christchurch Northern Motorway is heavy and to expect delays. Experience suggests that the report will be way off the mark by the time I join the queue. I appreciate it’s not Auckland, but a queue is still a queue wherever you live.

The radio discussion moves to the budget; $4 billion added to new infrastructure investment brings the total expenditure to $32.5 billion over four years. $9.2 billion of this is to be invested into our state highway network over the next four years. This will mean another 540 new lane kilometres opened. There is also a commitment from the government to invest in regional roading projects which will improve journey times and remove bottle necks.

This is great news to all road commuters nationwide. However, as someone who has been in the roading industry for over 20 years, experience also tells me the process of developing new roads is lengthy. Having worked on the proposed Northern Motorway’s various project phases for as long as I can remember, it is satisfying to see construction in full swing. First mooted in the 1960s, I look forward to driving on the new Motorway in 2020, in the mean time I’ll endure the queue.