Bruce Weir Completes the Property / Urban Planning Jigsaw Puzzle

TPG welcomes Principal Urban Planner Bruce Weir to its Auckland Planning Team. Bruce has over 25 years’ experience working in urban planning and design, primarily as a director at the pioneering urban design consultancy Common Ground.

Bruce’s project background is varied – everything from master-planning new towns in China and New Zealand, to working up master plans and bulk and location studies for medium density and mixed use developments throughout New Zealand. Bruce has also developed urban design guidelines and policy for both local authorities and developers, and has worked widely across New Zealand – from Whangarei in the north, to Queenstown in the south.

Since starting at TPG in mid April, Bruce has already collaborated with Matt Paetz (Planning) and Stuart Bagley (Corporate Advisory) on several development feasibility and due diligence projects. As a trio, Bruce, Matt and Stuart bring together the essential skills in planning analysis, bulk and location modelling, and development feasibility to provide a one stop shop in helping you understand the development potential of your property, whether residential, mixed use or commercial.

Please contact Matt Paetz, Auckland Planning Manager, for further information on how Bruce and the team can assist you.